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Should I be a Member?

Serra Clubs are named after Saint Junipero Serra who was canonized by Pope Francis in a Mass in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 23, 2015--the first canonization to take place on American soil. He is patron saint of vocations to Church ministry, and played an instrumental role in building the Church on the west coast of America when that area was still mission territory. Serra International is a worldwide lay apostolate for vocations in the Catholic Church. The Serra Club of East Valley is sanctioned by the ordinary of our diocese and part of Serra International.

Who should be a member of the Serra Club of East Valley?

As Catholics we are called to do more than to go to mass once a week. We need to grow in our faith and spread the good news of Jesus Christ. The Serra Club is one of many excellent organizations in our great Catholic Church to help us achieve this mission of Christ. To help you to discern if God is calling you to be a member of the Serra Club, consider the following.

Our mission is Threefold:

- To foster and promote vocations to the ministerial priesthood in the Catholic Church as a particular vocation to service and to support priests in their sacred ministry;

- To encourage and affirm vocations to consecrated religious life in the Catholic Church;

- To assist members to recognize and respond in their own lives to God’s call to holiness in Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit

Potential Serra Club members are Catholics who are in good standing with the Church and:

Love the priests, brothers and sisters of our church

Want to provide support for them

Want to get to know them more personally

Want to foster new vocations

Want to learn more about their Church teaching

Want to grow in their holiness

Want to meet and work with other like minded Catholics

Want opportunities to lead special projects

They want to be able to participate without over committing

What should you expect as a member of the Serra Club of East Valley?

Privilege to attend our semi-monthly meetings

Chances to meet our diocese priests and     seminarians and other religious

Invitations to special events during the year

Learn how to help foster vocations

What should the Serra Club of East Valley expect from you as a member?

Daily Prayers for our priest and religious

Attendance at our meetings at least 6 times a year (there are normally two meetings a month)

Attendance at one or more of our special events each year

Volunteer to help for one or more special events each year

Identify potential members from your Catholic friends and invite them to learn more

Quarterly dues of $85.00 ($135.00 for married couples)

For More Information...

Please email our President Victor Hernandez at

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