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Members of the Serra Club of East Valley are fun loving Catholics who love our Church and have a special call to support new vocations, priests and consecrated religious through prayer, service and fund raising. Along the way we grow in our holiness and love of Christ.


The Club is part of Serra International, a worldwide lay apostolate and part of the USA Council of Serra International. Serra International is the only lay organization aggregated to a primary pontifical work. A pontifical work is an organization instituted by the Vatican to advance a particular goal of the Catholic Church.

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What Pope Francis said to Serra: Pope Francis' address to Serra


A Interview with Serra District Governor Wayne Rich 

East Valley History

Chartered in 2002, the Serra Club of East Valley was the second Serra Club in the Valley.


While visiting the Serra Club of Phoenix Charter night in 1999, Tom Castellanos was asked by Bishop Thomas O’Brien to explore starting a Serra Club in the East Valley.   Tom spent 14 months inviting folks to considering being part of a new club. With the support of Father James Wall (now Bishop James Wall), the group received a Serra Bell in January 2002 from Bill Foltz. In March of 2002 representatives of Serra USA council visited and in May the club was chartered. In June the club had it’s initial charter dinner which was attend by Serra International President Sue Cerorsski and Bishop O’Brien. 


Today there are 3 clubs in the valley which work together to carry out our mission in our diocese. Bonded with clubs throughout the world, members from clubs connect with each other with an annual national conference, an annual international conference and monthly conference calls. In addition to Serra International’s quarterly magazine “The Serran”, members receive “The Bellringer”, an electronic newsletter from Serra International.

Past Presidents

2002-03            Tom Castellanos

2003-04            Mike Haran

2004-05            Teresa Ornales

2005-06            Tom Castellanos

2006-07            Bill Wade

2007-11            Tom Castellanos

2011-13            Richard Cuprack

2013-15            David Maza

2015-17            Harry Antram

2017-21            Charles Wold

2021-23            Alice Wold

President's Award Recipients            

2010-11            Marion Endredy


2012-13            Deacon Patrick Flynn


2014-15            Alice Wold

2015-16            Teresa Ornelas

2016-17            Shari Stenborg

2017-18            Harry Antram

2019-20            Louis Cline

2022-2023        Kathleen Polowski


Past Bill Folz Serran of the Year Award Recipients

2010-11            Dave Maza      

2011-12            Marion Endredy           

2012-13            Teresa Ornelas 

2013-14            Alice Wold      

2014-15            Carmen Antrum

2015-16            Ingeborg Arzvizu

2016-17            Alice Wold      

2017-18            Victor Hernandez

2019-20            Kathleen Polowski


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